Privacy Statement

Ewing Kindergarten believes your privacy is important and has a Privacy and Confidentiality Policy that illustrates how we collect, use, disclose, manage and transfer personal information, including health information. 

To ensure ongoing funding and licensing, our kindergarten is required to comply with the requirements of privacy legislation in relation to the collection and use of personal information. If we need to collect health information, our procedures are subject to the Health Records Act 2001.


How and why we collect information

Ewing Kindergarten will only collect the information needed, and for which there is a purpose that is legitimate and related to the kindergarten’s functions, activities and/or obligations.

The type of information collected and held includes (but is not limited to) personal information, including health information, regarding:

  • children and parents/guardians prior to and during the child’s attendance at a kindergarten (this information is collected in order to provide and/or administer services to children and parents/guardians)
  • job applicants, employees, members, volunteers and contractors (this information is collected in order to manage the relationship and fulfil the service’s legal obligations)
  • contact details of other parties that the kindergarten deals with.

Ewing Kindergarten will collect information on the following identifiers:

  • information required to access the Kindergarten Fee Subsidy for eligible families (refer to Fees Policy)
  • tax file number for all employees, to assist with the deduction and forwarding of tax to the Australian Tax Office – failure to provide this would result in maximum tax being deducted

Personal information about individuals, either in relation to themselves or their children enrolled at the kindergarten, will generally be collected via forms filled out by parents/guardians. Other information may be collected from job applications, face-to-face interviews and telephone calls. Individuals from whom personal information is collected will be provided with a copy of Ewing Kindergarten’s Privacy Statement.


Use of information

Ewing Kindergarten will use personal information collected for the primary purpose of collection. The kindergarten may also use this information for any secondary purposes directly related to the primary purpose of collection, to which the individual has consented, or could reasonably be expected to consent. The following list identifies the personal information that will be collected by the kindergarten, the primary purpose for its collection and some examples of how this information will be used.

Personal and health information collected in relation to:

Primary purpose of collection:

Examples of how the kindergarten will use personal and health, (including sensitive) information include:

Children and parents/guardians
  • To enable the kindergarten to provide for the education and care of the child attending the kindergarten
  • To promote the kindergarten
  • Day-to-day administration and delivery of service
  • Provision of a place for their child in the kindergarten
  • For correspondence with parents/guardians relating to their child’s attendance
  • To satisfy the kindergarten’s legal obligations and to allow it to discharge its duty of care
  • Visual displays in the kindergarten
  •  Newsletters
  • Promoting the kindergarten through external media, including the kindergarten’s website
The Approved Provider if an individual, or members of the Committee of Management/Board if the Approved Provider is an organisation
  • For the management of the kindergarten
  • For communication with, and between, the Approved Provider, other Committee/Board members, employees and members of the association
  • To satisfy the kindergarten’s legal obligations
Job applicants, employees, contractors, volunteers and students
  •  To assess and (if necessary) to engage the applicant, employees, contractor, volunteers or students, as the case may be
  • To administer the employment, contract or placement
  • Administering the individual’s employment, contract or placement, as the case may be
  • Ensuring the health and safety of the individual
  • Insurance
  • Promoting the kindergarten through external media, including the kindergarten’s website


Storage and security of personal information 

In order to protect the personal information from misuse, loss, unauthorised access, modification or disclosure, the Approved Provider and staff will ensure that, in relation to personal information:
access will be limited to authorised staff, the Approved Provider or other individuals who require this information in order to fulfil their responsibilities and duties

  • information will not be left in areas that allow unauthorised access to that information
  • all materials will be physically stored in a secure cabinet or area
  • computerised records containing personal or health information will be stored safely and secured with a password for access
  • there is security in transmission of the information via email, fax or telephone, as detailed below:
    • emails will only be sent to a person authorised to receive the information
    • telephone – limited and necessary personal information will be provided over the telephone to persons authorised to receive that information
  • transfer of information interstate and overseas will only occur with the permission of the person concerned or their parents/guardians.


Disposal of information

Personal information will not be stored any longer than necessary.
In disposing of personal information, those with authorised access to the information will ensure that it is either shredded or destroyed in such a way that the information is no longer accessible