Three Year Old

2 day program

$1290 per term

3 year old programs will run on
Monday & Wednesday (Joeys) from 8.45am-3pm, or Tuesday & Thursday (Koalas) from 8.45am-3pm.

Four Year Old

3 day program

$1520 per term

4 year old programs will run on
Monday, Thursday & Friday (Wombats) from 8.30am-4pm, or Tuesday, Wednesday & Friday (Possums) from 8.30am-4pm.

Each group has a maximum of 22 children.

Your initial deposit will be credited to the Term 4 fees invoice. The cost of the 4 year old program is partially funded (up to 15 hours) by the Victorian Government. However, we also need to charge fees in order to make our program viable. Fees charged are inclusive of a hat for your child and the incursions, excursions and enrichment activities provided by specialists and community visitors that supplement our curriculum.

Parents who wish to pick their child up earlier than 3pm are welcome to do so.

Maintenance levy

There is a $120 maintenance levy charged at the beginning of the year for each family. This fee is credited to the Term 4 fees invoice upon families participating in two working bees throughout the year.

Working bees are held on Saturday or Sunday mornings and the Maintenance Co-ordinator notifies rostered volunteers well in advance.

All fees are reviewed regularly by the Committee of Management according to costs, government funding etc.

Health Care Card rebate for Four Year Old Group

Health Care Card holders must provide their card number (not Medicare card number) and be government verified to be eligible for the government rebate on fees. No fees will be applicable for a maximum of 15 hours please note that this rebate only applies to the four old group.

Individual approaches for fee relief should be made in writing to the Committee of Management. Each case will be considered on its merits and in the strictest confidence.