Communication with Families

How we communicate with families

Ewing Kindergarten takes pride in ensuring that families are continually updated on operations and events at the kindergarten.

We use Storypark to provide families with secure weekly online reflection which includes examples of the learning that happens during the sessions. (examples of artwork, photos of children working together to a common goal e.g. wonderful block buildings, and also ‘the children’s voice’… what do they think? What are they wondering about? How do we solve these problems?)

All observations and reflections are linked to the Curriculum Frameworks’ Learning Outcomes.

We enthusiastically encourage parents to have input into our programs as a collaborative partnership with your child’s best interests at heart. We value your feedback as we believe it takes a village to raise a child.

Class Representatives

Each of our classes have two parent class representatives who organise social events for the families of each group. Ewing Kindergarten strongly values a inclusive community bringing all families together frequently throughout the course of the kindergarten year to network and socialise. We aim to at least have two class social events per term.

Our class representatives also assist with whole kindergarten events that bring the entire Ewing community together at the one time.

Examples of these are

  • Meet and greet evening
  • Teddy bear picnic
  • Trivia night