4 year old program (Possums and Wombats)

Our educators strive to provide a warm, secure environment focusing on building strong and trusting relationships with the children. They also foster respectful and open communication with families to facilitate children’s learning and development.

Our curriculum is play based and emergent, which means it is largely based on the children’s interests and strengths. Children learn best when experiences and activities are meaningful to them. By supporting and extending their interests and strengths, children develop confidence, curiosity and enthusiasm for learning.

Educators are also encouraged to introduce new ideas to provoke inquiry, imagination and investigation. They are constantly observing, documenting, analysing and reflecting. Therefore they can plan specific experiences relevant to your child’s learning and development. They also assist children with any skills that may need developing; the main focus, however, being on consolidating and extending the children’s strengths.

Educators aim to provide a safe yet stimulating, challenging and inspirational program that fosters the development of high self-esteem, creativity and curiosity, imagination and exploration. At Ewing educators believe that kindergarten is not merely preparation for school but preparation for life; tackling issues such as resilience, sustainability and social justice.

It is important for children to be engaged with the world around us and for us to work closely with community networks within our area. Our incursions and excursions provide many opportunities for your child to connect with their world and broaden their experiences.

Examples include:

  • Visits to and from our local primary schools to establish connections between kinder and school
  • Visits from Aboriginal artists and musicians who share Aboriginal culture, painting techniques and dance
  • Cultural celebrations such as Diwali – the Hindu celebration known as the Festival of Light
  • Visiting a local aged care home and local businesses, creating connections with the local community
  • African drumming workshop with Valanga from South Africa
  • Music and Drama
  • Learning about nature through Bush Kinder
  • Sharing interests and skills through parental involvement.