3 year old program (Joeys and Koalas)

The program is play based and emergent focusing on children’s interests and needs which is more meaningful and engaging. It also develops children’s self esteem, self regulation, and skills for thriving within a group environment.
The children are encouraged to explore and develop sensory awareness, intrinsic in learning in the early years.

Our educators use their knowledge and expertise to plan an appropriate program suited specifically to the needs of the three year old children by observation of individual children, open communication with parents regarding their child’s development and interests.

Individuality, creativity, exploration and diversity are valued and fostered. The children will enjoy messy, imaginative, creative and open ended experiences where there is no right or wrong way of doing things. Social and emotional skills along with physical skills will be developed, and early literacy and numeracy experiences will lay the foundation for further formal learning in the future.

It is important for children to be engaged with the world around us and for us to work closely with community networks within our area. Our incursions provide many opportunities for your child to connect with their world and broaden their experiences.

Examples include:

  • Drama Toolbox Co.for creativity and expressive movement
  • Aboriginal artists and musicians who share Aboriginal culture, painting techniques and dance
  • Mobile farm for hands-on experiences with baby animals
  • Cultural celebrations such as Diwali – the Hindu celebration known as the Festival of Light
  • Planting vegetables in our vegetable garden
  • Sharing interests and skills through parental involvement.